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"Great BBQ..." by rfloyd918 (1 review)
March 17, 2009 - Likes it - coming from a bbq town in kansas city, these guys make a mean pulled pork sandwich with awesome spicy hickory sauce. Ribs were super good and the sides of collard greens and ranch style beans with a real southern cornbread complimented it just fine. these guys know what they're doing, great food and real friendly service...thanks for the great meal..a must try!! (

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 Overal very satisfied"
Greenwich, CT
Nov 17, 2008

Awesome, a must try, authentic from the very first step into the door...smells that brought a southern girl back home. thanks for the great meal, definetly be back!! (

Reviewed by PatrickLai on 08/28/2009.
Member since August 2008, Total Reviews: 9 (Greenwich, CT)

"Not only great BBQ ribs, also don't forget buffalo wings, caesar salad and onion rings! Foods are done with great taste and suitable level of sauce. Well done and keep up the good work." (

Reviewed by frankg5284 on 07/07/2009.
Member since October 2008, Total Reviews: 1 (Male, Darien, CT)

"Best BBQ out here, yall need to go visit more Q places, nothing like this joint in CT. Try the ribs and the pulled pork, melt in your mouth..go for the collard greens and the cornbread. Hoorah boys, great job!"  (

Reviewed by HollyMartins on 12/31/2008.
Member since December 2002, Total Reviews: 56 (Ridgefield, CT)

Best BBQ. All of the WWE eats there. Good enough for Macho Man good enough for me.  (

Reviewed by Robert-onthe Road on 12/08/2008.
Member since February 2007, Total Reviews: 13 (Male, 50s, Stamford, CT)

"Great BBQ, period. "  (

Reviewed by JohnG1323152 on 11/17/2008.
Member since November 2004, Total Reviews: 59 (Male, 60 and above, White Plains, NY)

As good as any barbeque in the southwest. Whether the pulled pork, brisket or chicken, try the sides of cheese fries and beans. Varioius sauces add to the authentic smpoked flavor.  (

Reviewed by RobF1362746 on 11/11/2008.
Member since February 2003, Total Reviews: 17 (Greenwich, CT)

Really good BBQ that is hard to find in the northeast.  (

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by kean819 Must try for BBQ fans...Great RIBS
I normaly would not give a 5 star, but these northerners, for being as far from a bbq town as you can be, have there stuff together. Pulled pork and brisket were so tender and flavorful with the mashed taters and cornbread to complete the meal. Ribs were also good, but you gots to understand in my travels i have had some darn good ribs; hoorah to the chef..great service and great meal...thanks (

User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
by danman65 Must try for BBQ fans...Great RIBS

Heard of this place a while ago and never got the chance to go, friends of mine told me about how they love to take the kids for the ribs…we took the kids and they loved it. Friendly, patient staff, and the food was great…the whole family loved the ribs and the melt in your mouth pulled pork. Try the red skinned mashed potatoes and the cornbread. LOCATED ON EAST MAIN NOT WEST MAIN!!! (


Open daily for lunch and dinner

Smokey Joe's Barbecue
1308 East Main St.
Stamford, CT 06902


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